Maintaining and replacing your roof can be a major concern for multifamily property owners. If there has been damage, the roof will not be waterproof and therefore will not last as long as a roof that is unscarred. They will do repairs and replacement when needed and will also help you implement energy efficient roofing solutions. Unpredictable weather and events can lead to damage on even the best-installed roofs. Many well-made roofs have been seriously damaged by high winds and large storms. It’s important to address these problems before they get worse. Damaged roofs can lead to water damage and other issues. 3/75 Restorations will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine how much and what kind of damage was done. 


Painting is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to improve the appearance of multifamily asset. A high-quality exterior paint project will make your property look fresher, cleaner and more modern. Our team would prepare a scope of work to include any siding or trim that may need to be replaced prior to preparing the buildings for paint. 3/75 Restorations also provides interior painting services. Our teams use high quality equipment and paint that will lead to excellent and long-term results.  We can paint the units, your clubhouse, trim, hallways, railings and other parts of your buildings’ interiors.